October 2001

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Last updated 10 June, 2002.
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6 October 2001

We just got back from a trip to Germany.   Thijs doesn't like riding in the car, but we managed to visit friends and family throughout the south.

12 October 2001

I got one more roll back and added a few more pictures.   One roll has gone missing - if it turns up, I'll post some more pictures.

The first night we made it as far as Oberwesel, on the Rhine. We stayed at one of our favorite hotels, Burg Sch�nburg, which is in an old castle. Our room was beautiful, and Thijs was happy to be out of the car.

Here's the view from one of our windows.

The inside was beautiful, too. Thea wrote a few cards and letters at the writing desk in the niche.

Here's the view down the Rhine from one of our windows. It's a little hazy, but you can just make out the Pfalz in the distance.

The next morning we went for a walk around the outside of the castle before leaving.

Thijs doesn't recognize Dad from that far away just yet, though.

The next day we drove to Stuttgart to visit Guido. Here's Thijs with Guido at his apartment.

Thijs was in a good mood...

and had fun laughing with Guido

...and playing with his finger.

Thijs & Nijntje had a little nap on Guido's floor.

But not for _too_ long. Thijs is always afraid he'll miss something while he's sleeping.

Guido just couldn't resist, but his aim with the rabbit ears was off by a bit:-).

After Guido's, we drove down to Konstanz on Sunday to meet Bianca, Peter and Sandra. We had drinks at a nice outdoor cafe in Konstanz.

When Thijs got fussy, Dad flew him around the square for awhile. That worked fine except for the fact that Thijs barfed (narrowly missing Bianca).

Here's Bianca with Thijs...

...and now Sandra has him. He sure makes the rounds!

Mike, a relative of Thea's from Romanshorn (on the Swiss side of Lake Constance) came to meet us in Konstanz, too.

As we left, the new Zeppelin NT sailed by. Zeppelin is based in Friedrichshaven, at the other end of the lake. They're planning to start passenger service sometime next year, I think.

We took the ferry from Konstanz to Meersburg - a 10 minute trip that saved a lot of driving.

Which is a good thing, since this was our longest travel day and Thijs spent most of it looking approximately like this. We _told_ you he doesn't like being in the car.

The missing roll has the "people" pictures from Regensburg. The only picture of Regensburg (from this trip) that we have right now is the beautiful stained-glass window in the Regensburger Dom (Cathedral).

Almost home! On the way back, we stopped in Oberhausen to eat at one of our favorite restaurants (K�stritzer) in "the mall."

Back home, Thijs and Dad rest on the sofa.

We went to dinner with Pat and Dave. Pat is back from the states now and Thijs was glad to see her again.

13-21 October 2001

"Now that Dad's DNS is straightened out, we can try to explain FrontPage to Mom!"

We had lovely weather on October 14, so we went for a walk in the Amstel Park (the one with the chickens). Turns out they have rabbits, too! This was the first time Thijs rode in the seat instead of the bassinet, but he pretty much slept through the whole visit.

Thijs was in a great mood one evening.

He was just so chatty and cute...

That we had to take some pictures of our conversation.

Ali was visiting and he took a million more pictures. Thijs' favorite thing in the world right now is standing up -- he's even trying to take steps. We have to keep him from tipping over, but he holds all his weight!

It's even more fun to Hop on Pop. Walking all over Daddy is so much fun that Thijs giggles the whole time!

See, we told you Ali was here. He and Thijs get along great!

21 October. The weather isn't quite as nice, but Dad needs coffee and Mom needs a break. Off we go for a walk in the Baby Bj�rn. This is the first time Thijs gets to see where he's going, and it seems to be a hit!...

...unlike his rain gear (even though it's _so_ cute). Mom had to go to a meeting in the rain so Thijs had to bundle up against his will.


24 October 2001

We had our four month visit to the Consultatiebureau today.   Here are the numbers:

Weight: 6400g (14 lbs)
Length: 64cm 25-1/4"
Head Circumference: 42cm 16-1/5"

His length is right on track.   He gained an average amount of weight for most babies, but it's much less than average for him to date.   We're thinking about starting him on supplemental solids next week.

This time, we actually took pictures at the Consultatiebureau:

Here we are in our stroller, on the way to our appointment. It was cool enough today that we got to use the insulated cover on the bassinet. I'll say one thing about Dutch weather -- it leads to really good weatherproof strollers!

It's amazing how big he's gotten -- he barely fits in the bassinet on his stroller now! Back in June he was so tiny and the stroller seemed so huge...

Our appointment was at 8:45 (yuck!) so we were the first ones there. This is the waiting room.

Here's Thijs in his cute little cow hat, before we got him undressed (he has to be naked except for a diaper before we go in).

Thijs doesn't seem to mind getting undressed, though.

Here's a wider shot so you can see the changing cubbyholes.

Still waiting. Thijs stares pensively out the window, watching the parade of backpackers (the Hostel two doors down kicks everybody out before 9am), so they all tromp past the Consultatiebureau.

See? He's happy to sit around (nearly) naked, chillin' with Mom.

All done, and back in our stroller. Thijs was great again -- he cried when he got his shots but he stopped as soon as we picked him up. By the time we left the office, he was barely sniffling.

28 October 2001

A couple of milestones today. Thijs had his first solid food today _and_ he took a bath in the big tub with Mommy!

Thijs had about 1/2 tablespoon of rice cereal today. The recommended starting mixture is runny enough that calling it "solid" food is probably false advertising. Still, it was more than just his usual milk and he ate it with a spoon.

Once he figured out it wasn't vitamins, Thijs seemed to like his food. He wanted to drive the spoon, but his aim isn't so good yet.

No pictures of the bath, though. Sorry. This is a family website.

29 October 2001

Thijs likes to see where he's going, so riding face-forward in the Baby Bj�rn is a big hit. Mommy _really_ likes the cow hat.

Thijs likes helping Mommy and Daddy with the computer, too.

"Oooh. This one's a toughie!"




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